HMI develops and manufactures products, systems and supplies for concrete raising and leveling.
We supply; training, turn key business systems, equipment and specialized polyurethanes to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide!



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HMI products
HMI provides top of the line materials with the ability to ship anywhere in the world.

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Are you looking to start a quick easy, highly profitable new business? Look no further!

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Who are you?

HMI has the ability to help you no matter what type of customer you are. Which are you?
  • Contractors
    Contractors are now always seeking additional services to offer their existing customers and services that can help them acquire new customers. Learn More
  • Entrepreneurs
    Do you want to start business for relatively low cost that will yield immediate profit to you without the constraints and perpetual payments required by a franchise? Learn More
  • Municipalities
    HMI systems offer a solution where municipal employees can do the work. Learn More

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