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We sell equipment, this is not a franchise.

HMI offers business opportunities of all shapes and sizes:

Spray Foam Contractors Looking to Diversify 
Career Transitioning Veterans
Start a Concrete Raising Business
Expand My Mudjacking Business 
Add to My Contracting Business


Are you looking to start a quick, easy, highly profitable new business?  Look no further!

With unemployment rates up and college graduates struggling to find a job, the newest trend is to buy your next career.  These careers are presenting themselves in the form of business opportunities.  Complete turn-key operations that do not require reinventing the wheel. Receive a free catalog!

When considering a business opportunity, there are different aspects of the operation that must be taken into consideration. What do you need to start?  Is there a market for this business?  How profitable can it be for you?



What do you need to start?

Investment Capital

The HMI Business opportunity has a low entry cost.  Complete systems range from $25,000 -$100,000 plus. Financing is available to those who qualify, even new start-up businesses!


There is no experience necessary.  This business opportunity has comprehensive training to cover all aspect of the business.  From the business’ structure and operation to marketing, HMI’s 2-Day Seminar will provide you with all the knowledge you need to start your new career.


Is there a market for this business?

The HMI Business Opportunity is part of the repair and maintenance industry.  This is presently one of the most successful industries due to current economic conditions.  Today, consumers are fixing their cars or restoring homes versus buying new because of economical uncertainty.  The HMI Business Opportunity has capitalized on this market trend. The highly profitable repair industry is booming, get on board!

How profitable can the HMI Business Opportunity be for you?

Proven Profitability
DSC04579Each HMI system has a different capacity for succeeding.  Whether it be our smallest capacity system or our largest, each has proven to be highly profitable.  With low start up cost and high market demand, the HMI Business Opportunity offers you a complete turn-key business with proven profits.  Helping customers since 1974, HMI has proven success stories from the US, Canada, and beyond!

Not to be confused with a franchise, the HMI Business Opportunity has only the initial investment.  There are no franchise fees or royalties associated with this opportunity.  There is however, continuing support from HMI, at no additional cost.  As you grow and expand your business and want to look to the experts for guidance, HMI is here for you as we have been for all  our customers since 1974!


DSC04048HMI offers an easy-to-learn business that is minimally labor intensive and has proven to be highly profitable.  If you would like to know more details about the HMI Concrete Raising Business Opportunity, please visit the FAQ Page.  If you have questions or would like more information on systems and pricing please click here.