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What is Mudjacking?

DSC04714Mudjacking uses a grout mixture that is hydraulically pumped under a slab.  After the voids are filled, the pressure from pumping in the material supports and lifts the slab. Since the first hydraulic components were installed by HMI in 1974, HMI has brought new advances to mudjacking equipment that increase dependability, production, and ease of use.

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HMI is the ONLY company that manufactures concrete raising equipment, and is also a contractor using it on a daily basis.

MUDJACKING Material is hydraulically pumped under concrete to fill voids and raise concrete.

  • Pond sand, fly ash, sandy loam, limestone, and top soil mixtures can be mixed with Portland cement for mudjacking material.
  • Choosing a material will be based on cost and geographic availability. Material characteristics should include high compression strength and good material flow.
  • Material storage, loading, and clean-out areas required. (Tractor for loading optional).
  • Material is mixed at job sites and loaded into a mudjacking pump, then mobilized to the repair area.
  • Equipment must be thoroughly cleaned daily,  so the material does not cure in the pump.

Explore the mudjacking equipment HMI has to offer!

Mudjacking Pumps
VersaPump Power Pump   HM-1

Designed to make mudjacking simple and versatile. A self-propelled hydraulic mudjacking pump. A basic inexpensive mudjacking pump.
Mudjacking Systems
 Trailer System  Truck System  Rack System
Mini mudjacking system 003 qmptruck winnebago_rack 003
Designed for residential, industrial, and municipal applications. Designed for high production residential, industrial, municipal, and highway applications. Customized specifically for your truck.
Mudjacking Accessories
  AccessoriesCobra Combi Action Pictures 009
Mudjacking parts and related material.

HMI offers complete Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Mudjacking Business Packages

HMI offers everything you need to start your own business and be seriously profitable. Equipment packages are here and ready for you, taking the guess work out of what you need to run a new business. Every last detail has been planned and packaged so you can drive away with your new business on wheels. Receive a free catalog! Beyond supplying equipment,  HMI trains and offers on-going technical support. We will be by your side through start-up and operation, assuring you have the winning combination. Start and equip your new business for under $50,000 with options to expand or upgrade as your business grows. Having the cost-effective solution that will save your customers 1/2 of what they would typically pay to replace concrete, will be your advantage. We offer:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Consulting

No Franchise Fees! No Geographic Limitations! No Experience Required-We will train you! “The HMI training seminar helped me to grasp the simplicity of mudjacking as well as how the process works.  It is substantially informative in aspects of marketing and some challenges I may face.” – Jon