Mudjacking Pumps  

HMI offers three models of mudjacking pumps available for any contractor’s budget or slabjacking application.

Different mudjacking pump models afford the options of man-powered mobility, self-propelled mobility, or skid steer mounted units for all your concrete raising equipment needs. Receive a free catalog!

The three models offer different pumping pressures, hopper sizes, and engine power to make certain you have the right equipment for the job.

All HMI mudjacking pumps come standard with a pumping hose and injection nozzle. Wired remote control is standard for Power Pump and VersaPump models.

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pump specs


HMI is the first company to  design a fully hydraulic
mudjacking pump. We have been setting the industry standard for 40 years.


Our largest multifunctional pump is designed with the ability to pump a 3/8” minus pea gravel concrete.  This rugged and durable pump is the top-of-the-line mudjacking unit with the highest available pumping pressure, largest material hopper, most horsepower and versatility. 
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PowerpumpPower Pump

Our most popular model; this self-propelled hydraulic mudjacking pump drives circles around the competition.

Available as a Power Pump-1 and Power Pump-2 this slabjacking pump is designed for the entrepreneur, mudjacking contractor, or municipality wishing to raise concrete slabs. Learn more.




The HM-1 is a basic hydraulic mudjacking pump designed as an inexpensive means of restoring concrete slabs that have settled. Learn more.






“I would like to thank the entire HMI team. I am very impressed with your equipment and process, but more so in the culture and philosophy with your core values of fairness and success.  I have come to understand why your company is so well respected. The mix of theory and hands-on training was perfect.  It was both interesting and fun…

I hope to see you soon again!” – Peter

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